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Balance and Shock Absorption

Sports insoles from MEDICOVI are ideal for running. They provide powerful shock absorption, reducing the stress that running places on your feet and joints, whilst improving your body's natural balancing abilities.

Shoes do provide some in-built shock absorption, but these are often tailored to the manufacturer's idea of a “typical” runner in terms of habits and body type. The worse you fit this mould, the worse the shock absorption will be. On top of that, shoes often restrict the foot's natural ability to absorb and dissipate shock, and cause force to be applied unevenly to the sole of your foot. Arch support, in particular, locks up muscle groups that are key to healthy feet.

Our insoles provide highly effective shock absorption which goes far beyond mere cushioning. Every time you take a step, force is not just absorbed but used to trigger hydraulic pressure waves which are unique to MEDICOVI products. These help to dissipate energy and prevent recoil, while promoting healthy movement of the foot's key muscle groups and tendons. These water waves also create a sensory massage effect, amplifying the stimulation on the sole of the foot that tells your body how to stay balanced and allowing you to react more quickly and effectively to changes in speed and movement.

At the same time, MEDICOVI insoles provide your foot with a flat surface and don't restrict the foot's natural ability to adapt under pressure. This creates an experience much closer to barefoot running – the type of running evolution designed your feet for – except with the added benefits of shock absorption and Water Wave Therapy. Problems associated with running in shoes – such as restriction of the foot's muscles and tendons and force being focussed on only one side of the sole – are virtually eliminated.


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The MEDICOVI Sport 100 is a great sole designed specifically for sport. It can replace your shoe's insole for superior comfort when walking or running.