Unique Football Insoles


Improve balance while dribbling, tackling and shootingUnique hydraulic shock absorptionWater Wave Technology provides a completely new level of protection for the knees, groin and back

Protecting the Knee, Hip and Groin

Shoes restrict the movement of your feet from side-to-side, so when you want to twist or turn all the strain falls on your joints. This is even worse when wearing football boots, because studded soles will fix your feet to the pitch.

A lot of this is down to arch support, which locks up key muscle groups in the feet. This prevents your feet from helping your body turn, and also lessens the natural dampening effects that the human foot has evolved over the millennia.

MEDICOVI insoles are designed to give your feet a level surface and a lot less restriction. This means that when you need to turn, they act like an extra joint and reduce the strain on the rest of your body – especially the knees, hips and groin. This gives you more freedom to react and change direction quickly, and over time can help keep your joints healthy and prevent damage or pain.


Football Insoles



The MEDICOVI Sport 100 is a great sole designed specifically for sport. It can replace your shoe's insole for superior comfort when walking or running.