Unique Football Insoles


Improve balance while dribbling, tackling and shootingUnique hydraulic shock absorptionWater Wave Technology provides a completely new level of protection for the knees, groin and back

The Balancing Cycle

We never truly stand still. Our bodies are constantly, almost invisibly swaying as we correct our balance with a series of complex micro-movements. Of course, we aren't normally aware we're doing this; it happens far too quickly for us to control it consciously.

The high speed at which our balance system operates is crucial for sport. Some runners cover ten metres every second, and its crucial their balance systems can keep up. For the footballer, lightning fast balance is needed when running, dribbling and tackling to avoid constantly falling over and getting injured.

This is the great strength of MEDICOVI insoles; they enhance the body's natural balancing abilities, and are just about the only insoles that operate at the same speed as your balancing system. Much of the information your body uses to decide how to balance comes from the nerves on the soles of the feet detecting how your weight shifts. When wearing our insoles, every movement creates hydraulic pressure waves in real time, increasing nerve stimulation and helping your body to more quickly and accurately judge how best to stay on its feet.


Football Insoles



The MEDICOVI Sport 100 is a great sole designed specifically for sport. It can replace your shoe's insole for superior comfort when walking or running.