The water filled

workING sole MEDICOVI-A40


Improved blood circulation and better energy supply for cells in your solesRelieve pain on the soles of your feetReduce tiredness in feet and legsLess strain on heels, knees, hips and backReduce chronic tension caused by tirednessSuperior comfort

Relief of Heel, Knee, Hip and Back 

MEDICOVI insoles are filled with water, and this is what makes them unique. Beneath the soft, anti-static upper soles of MEDICOVI A40 insoles, powerful hydraulic pressure waves are formed through two shock-absorption valves. Between the soft EVA upper sole and this hydraulic action, the insole provides a powerful pressure-relieving effect as well as enhancing your natural ability to balance.

This helps you achieve better, healthier posture and reduces the amount of energy you use to maintain balance. At the same time, it relieves stress not just on the foot but up through the knee, hip and back. The result is increased comfort and improved health throughout much of your body.


Work Insoles



A working sole like no other, providing unbeatable relief while standing or walking - MEDICOVI-A40 orthopedic insole