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workING sole MEDICOVI-A40


Improved blood circulation and better energy supply for cells in your solesRelieve pain on the soles of your feetReduce tiredness in feet and legsLess strain on heels, knees, hips and backReduce chronic tension caused by tirednessSuperior comfort

Better Balance Means Better Circulation and Less Fatigue

When you lean forward, it puts more pressure on the ball of your foot. As well as putting stress on skin and muscles, this compresses blood vessels and restricts blood flow. This, in turn, means there is less energy coming to your cells and leads to fatigue.

MEDICOVI insoles help to distribute your body weight more fully across the sole of your foot, reducing pressure and meaning that blood vessels are not squeezed so tightly. At the same time, the sensory massage effect helps amplify the signals that tell your body how to balance and reduce the slight, almost unnoticeable swaying movements our bodies constantly make to keep balance. This further reduces pressure around the foot, by reducing the squeeze effect that leaning will have on certain areas.


Work Insoles



A working sole like no other, providing unbeatable relief while standing or walking - MEDICOVI-A40 orthopedic insole