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workING sole MEDICOVI-A40


Improved blood circulation and better energy supply for cells in your solesRelieve pain on the soles of your feetReduce tiredness in feet and legsLess strain on heels, knees, hips and backReduce chronic tension caused by tirednessSuperior comfort

Reduce Fatigue with Better Balance

We naturally expect to keep our balance when we walk to another desk, reach for a tool, or bend down to pick something up. But balancing isn't nearly as simple as you might think. That's why scientists find it so difficult to make robots that walk like we do. Whenever we make any form of movement in one direction, our bodies automatically compensate by making a number of small, opposite movements to prevent us from falling over.

The effectiveness of the human balancing system is closely tied up to the sensory nerves in the sole of the foot, which almost instantaneously register which way the body's weight is shifting and tells the brain how to compensate.

The patented sensory massage technology found in MEDICOVI insoles produce hydraulic pressure waves when the body makes even the slightest movement. These are formed in a matter of milliseconds, and provide greater stimulation to a larger number of nerves. This enables your body's balance system to have a better idea of what's going on and respond more quickly.

The quicker your body can react, the less work it needs to do to correct your balance and the less energy is used. This is how MEDICOVI-A40 insoles are able to improve your balance and reduce fatigue throughout long days of work. At the same time, it cushions and spreads the load of the forces that are applied to the foot when standing for prolonged periods, reducing stress on the skin and tissues of the sole and improving circulation.


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A working sole like no other, providing unbeatable relief while standing or walking - MEDICOVI-A40 orthopedic insole