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Claus Valter managed a hole in one on a par four, and he did it while wearing MEDICOVI G40 insoles.

But could his choice of golfing insole really have helped him pull off this feat?

Yes, it very well could have. MEDICOVI insoles enhance your ability to balance, and balance is crucial when playing golf. 

The Balance

We have all seen how a small child learns how to walk. In order for the child to learn how to maintain the balance, he/she must learn how to coordinate the information from the nervous system in the sole of the foot, with the balancing system. The child's repeated attempts will be increasing the information about the walking movements in the child's sub-conscience continuously. Ultimately the information becomes big enough for the child to walk as well as run without having to think about the balance at all. The balance co-ordination has now been tucked away safely in the sub-conscience.

Practice makes Perfect

When we are on the driving range and practising a new swing, we attempt in a similar fashion to co- ordinate the pattern of movement with the balancing system. Through repeated training, we will be able to store away an ever increasing part of the swing movement in our sub-conscience. Later on, when we want to use the newly acquired swing on the course, it will be possible for us to pay full attention to the actual playing conditions, because the swing is there and will automatically be available when required.

The Golf Insole G40's Clear Instruction to the Balancing System

The larger the information supplied to the balancing system, the better the balancing system and the sub- conscience will be able to co-ordinate the pattern of the movement. The varying hydraulic pressure in the golf insole G40 is providing a lightning fast effect on the sole of the foot, allowing the balancing system to receive much improved, quicker and clearer information about our movement.

The Nervous System in the Sole of the Foot Relating to the Balance

The nervous system in the soles of our feet, relating to the balance, will react through pressure variations. With no change in the pressure against the nerve cell, there will be hardly any information coming through to the moving system.
For example, the moment we put our hand on a table top, we quite clearly sense the table immediately. If, however, we keep the hand there for a short while, the sensation received from the table will be reduced significantly. By moving the hand just a fraction up and down, the sensation we get from the table top will increase significantly.
This is exactly the way the hydraulic pressure's ongoing variations in the golf insole G40 is influencing the individual nerve cells in the sole of the foot. Through this sensory influence of the nerve cells in the sole of the foot, on-going quick and clear information will be conveyed to the balancing system. This is the reason why the insoles can improve the dynamic as well as the static balance for all golfers.

The On-going Information from the Golf Insole G40 to the Balancing System

Before we execute a drive, an in-swing or a put we are standing still, concentrating. Because the nervous system in the sole of feet will only react against pressure variations, there will be a gradual reduction of
information between the sole of the feet and the balancing system during the time we are standing still, when using ordinary golf insoles in the shoes. If we are using the golf insole G40 in the shoe, a very high level of information between the nervous system in the sole of the foot and the balancing system is being maintained during all the time we are standing still, throughout the whole of the swing phase and during the put. This will increase the dynamic as well as the static balance.


Golf Insoles



The MEDICOVI G40 orthopedic insole is a fantastic golf sole, aiding balance and stability from teeing off to the final putt.