Improve your SwinGStabiliSe your PutTING

ReducE Tiredness in feet and legs



Claus Valter managed a hole in one on a par four, and he did it while wearing MEDICOVI G40 insoles.

But could his choice of golfing insole really have helped him pull off this feat?

Yes, it very well could have. MEDICOVI insoles enhance your ability to balance, and balance is crucial when playing golf. 

Reducing Your Tiredness in feet and legs

What may come as a surprise to most golfers is that due to the various stops and natural waiting periods during a round of golf, we are standing still approx. 70% of the time we spend playing 18 holes. It is considerably more tiring standing still than it is walking. It is therefore the time standing still, which creates tiredness in feet and legs.

The G40 golf insoles are reducing this tiredness due to the fact that the variable hydraulic pressure in the insoles has a powerful influence on the energy supply to the feet and the legs. This lower degree of tiredness will lead to a greater concentration during the actual play.


Golf Insoles



The MEDICOVI G40 orthopedic insole is a fantastic golf sole, aiding balance and stability from teeing off to the final putt.