Improve your SwinGStabiliSe your PutTING

ReducE Tiredness in feet and legs



Claus Valter managed a hole in one on a par four, and he did it while wearing MEDICOVI G40 insoles.

But could his choice of golfing insole really have helped him pull off this feat?

Yes, it very well could have. MEDICOVI insoles enhance your ability to balance, and balance is crucial when playing golf. 

Stabilize your Put

The on-going sensory action on the nervous system of the sole of the foot, created by the golf insole G40, will during the put increase the static balance considerably.

It can be appreciated how extreme the improvements are in the static balance, when using the golf insole G40. This will lead to greater control over both the length and the direction of the put.

  • Improve your static balance
  • Get better control over the direction and the distance


Golf Insoles



The MEDICOVI G40 orthopedic insole is a fantastic golf sole, aiding balance and stability from teeing off to the final putt.