Improve your SwinGStabiliSe your PutTING

ReducE Tiredness in feet and legs



Claus Valter managed a hole in one on a par four, and he did it while wearing MEDICOVI G40 insoles.

But could his choice of golfing insole really have helped him pull off this feat?

Yes, it very well could have. MEDICOVI insoles enhance your ability to balance, and balance is crucial when playing golf. 

Improve your Swing

When you make a swing, your body has to adapt to rapid changes in position and weight distribution, and it has to do so with as little swaying or wobbling as possible for maximum control over the ball. When you're making a putt, you're relying on your body's ability to stand as still and steady as possible because even a slight movement could throw the ball off course.

Unfortunately, the human body always sways and wobbles a little bit. Your body constantly corrects your balance one way or another, and a large part of this is based on information gathered by the sensory nerves in the soles of your feet. The slower your body reacts, the bigger each movement has to be.

MEDICOVI insoles react almost instantly to any movement of the foot, creating hydraulic pressure waves that stimulate these nerves more powerfully. This means your body's natural balance system can make a faster, more accurate judgements and you remain steadier. The result is a better, smoother swing and a steadier putt. This gives you more control over the ball and, with practice, the potential to achieve a longer drive.

At the same time, our insoles provide powerful support and reduce stress on your feet as well as your knees, hips and back. This helps protect you from pain and injury and promotes healthy muscles, tendons and joints throughout much of your body


Golf Insoles



The MEDICOVI G40 orthopedic insole is a fantastic golf sole, aiding balance and stability from teeing off to the final putt.