Price: $79 /pair

Size guide

US M US W inch cm
2½ - 3½ 3½ - 4½ 8.8 22.5
4 - 5 5 - 6 9.4 24.0
5½ - 6½ 6½ - 7½ 10 25.5
7 - 8½ 8 - 9 10.8 27.5
9 - 10 10 - 11 11.2 28.5
10½ - 11½ 11½ - 12½ 11.8 30.0
12 - 13 - 12.4 31.5
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Medicovi orthopedic insoles are a functional product that actively works with the muscles and tendons  of the feet and therefore the size of the insoles must corespond directly to the size of the feet and not to the size and numbering of the shoes.

Measuring our feet is easy. Just put a piece of paper thats larger than your feet agains the wall on flat surface. Wearing socks is recommended. Now, grab a pen or pencil and put your foot on the paper and your heel against the wall. Make sure the paper stays in place and is touching the wall (you can also tape paper on the floor. Mark the paper on the top of your longest toe. Using the ruler, measure the distance from the edge of paper (where your heel was) to your mark. Size guide is available on this page.

How to measure the feet

The size you ordered was incorrect? Not a problem as you may exchange them for the correct size free of charge. Just contact us within 30 days of purchase, send us your insoles and we will promptly send you the correct size.​





MEDICOVI-Front orthopedic insole (Orthotic Insole) is for those who have problems with the forefoot during the daytime.



The MEDICOVI T40 orthopedic insole helps improve balance and relieve forefoot pain, as well as providing diabetics with important sole protection.


Extra comfort

The MEDICOVI T45 orthopedic insole provides very strong relief for the forefoot and the heel, as well as for the ankle, knee, hip and back.